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Game Show Trading

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The Dating Game - Jim Lange
1. 1971: Ron Howard
2. 1972: Michael Jackson
3. 1973: Suzanne Somers
4. 1979: Pee Wee Herman
Double Dare - Alex Trebek
1. Premiere; Episode 1; Janna vs. Barry (GSN)
2. Episode 2; Janna vs. Garry (GSN)
3. Episode 3; Garry vs. Joel (GSN)
4. Episode 4; Garry vs. Joel; Includes Fee Plugs (GSN)
5. Episode 5; Joel vs. Gail (GSN)
6. Alan Lusher Vs. Tony; From January 28, 1976; (SM) with contestant and ticket plugs!!!!
7. Alan Lusher Vs. Kathy; From January 29, 1976; (GAME)
8. Michael Vs. The Spoilers; From 1977; (GAME)
9. Ray Winston Vs. Bob; From February, 1977; Ray And Bob trade places in opening (GAME)

10. Finale from 1977; Ilene vs. Andy (GAME)
Family Feud - Richard Dawson
1.From1976;BaedekerVs.Silvers;The "Morning/Night/Tea Bag" Episode (GSN)From 50 Great. G.S.
2. Thompson vs. Tooley; December, Late 70's; (GSN)
3. Thompson vs. Stemp; December, Late 70's; (GSN)
4. Jones vs. Moya; December, Late 70's; (GSN)
5. Moya vs. Aldrich; December, Late 70's; (GSN)
6. Robbins vs. Del Peral; December, Late 70's; (GSN)
7. Robbins vs. Brown; December, Late 70's; (GSN)
8. Hatfield vs. McCoy Special - 1 episode; (GSN)
9. Coulson vs. Cardosa; Late 70's, Early 80's?; (GSN)
10. Buttice vs. Johnson,1981;Richard meets his future wife; Johnny Gilbert announces. (GAME)
11. Second to last episode; Smaldino Vs. Murphy; From June 13th, 1985; Richard thanks Paul Alter and Gene Wood for their contributions. (GAME)
12. FINALE from 1985; Mackin vs Murphy (GAME)
13. 1983 - Game Show Hosts Finale (GAME)
Family Feud - Ray Combs
1. CBS PREMIERE EPISODE; From 07/04/88; Drozdowski's vs. Holtrust's (OC)
1. Fischer vs. Ahlstrom; 1st Syndicated Nighttime Episode; (GSN)
2. Fischer vs. Whittle; 2nd Syndicated Nighttime Episode; (GSN)
3. Arnold vs. Moran; "Name Something Men Wear To Bed" Blooper   Episode; (GSN)
4. Daniels vs. Moyer; (GSN)
5. Wieczorek vs. Pho; (GSN)
6. Archer vs. Lofink; (GSN)
7. Murria vs. Kilpatrick; Halloween Episode; Ray is Batman, his son is Robin; (GSN)
8. Buck vs. Wain; Christmas - Themed - Episode; (GSN)
9. Buck vs. Stephenson; Christmas - Themed - Episode; (GSN)
10. Mc'Donnell vs. Johnson; Christmas - Themed - Episode; (GSN)
11. Mc'Donnell vs. Klindt; Christmas - Themed - Episode; (GSN)
12. Klindt vs. Daniels; Christmas - Themed - Episode; (GSN)
13. Klindt vs. Crowe; Christmas - Themed - Episode; (GSN)
15. Rapp vs. Davis; 'The New Family Feud', with The Bullseye Round; (GSN)
16. NFL Quarterbacks Special; 1994?; With The Bullseye Round; Ray is a football player!! (GSN) "The New Family Feud.".
17. Playboy Centerfolds Vs. Soap Opera Heartthrobs Special; Includes The Bullseye Round; Ray's in a tuxedo!!!! "The New Family Feud.". (GSN)
18. American Gladiators Special; With The Bullseye Round. (GSN) "The New Family Feud.".
19. "Battle Of The Bathing Beauties" Bikini Special; Surfer Ray Combs!! (GSN)
20. 1992; Syndicated; Jones Vs. Quigley; With The Bullseye Round. (GSN)
21. 1988 - Buice Vs. Marchelos (GAME)
22. 1991 - Norman Vs. Tarizzo; Art James Announces (GAME)