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Super Password - Bert Convy
1. Premiere Episode; Episode 1; Gloria Loring / Pat Sajak (GSN)
2. Episode 2; Gloria Loring / Pat Sajak (GSN)
3. Episode #258; Bill Cullen / Tom Poston; Includes Contestant Plug!!!! (GSN)
4. Lindsay Bloom / Tom Poston (Halloween Episode, From Week #110) (GSN)
5. Edie McClurg / Christopher Hewett (Halloween Episode, From Week #215) (GSN)
6. From December 30th, 1987; James Doohan / Michael Dorn; (OC)
7. From January 21st, 1988; Patty Duke / Rip Taylor; The Testimony Episode!!!! (GAME)

8. From 1988; Roz Ryan / Marc Summers; WITH A $20,000 WIN!!!! (OB)
9. Full Finale Week; Includes M, T, W, TH, and F Episodes; (ALL GSN)
****Tuesday Episode: Ticket plug included where Bert pours water over Gene's head. ****Friday Episode: Hilarious fake plug included and parting gift.
Tattletales - Bert Convy (1970's Version)
1. Premiere from 1974; (GAME)
2. 1975; Bob Barker / Gene Rayburn / Elaine Joyce (GAME) (From Bob Barker's Birthday Bash)
Tattletales - Bert Convy (1980's Version)
1. 1 Episode from Soap Opera Week; GSN Viewer's Choice Marathon, 2007; (GSN)
2. Christmas 1983 Episode; (GAME)
3. 1983 Episode With Peter Marshall, Bill Anderson, And George Fredo; (GAME)
The Name's The Same - Robert Q. Lewis
1. From 03/09/1954; GSN Left in the end credits; (GSN)
Tic Tac Dough - Wink Martindale
1. Thom McKee vs. Jackie Montana; Thom only has $11,000 at the beginning of this episode; GSN left in mid-show fee plugs; (GSN Viewer's Choice Marathon, 2007) (GSN)
2. Pieter DeVries's final episode - 1978 (OB)
The All - New Treasure Hunt - Geoff Edwards
1. Woman wins a Rolls Royce and then faints; GSN Viewer's Choice Marathon, 2007; (GSN)
Trivia Trap - Bob Eubanks
1. Premeire Episode; Episode 1; Jun.: Mollie, Philip, Cheryl; Sen.: Peggy, Shirley, Marsh. (GSN)
2. Episode 2; Jun.: Mollie, Philip, Cheryl; Sen.: Barbara, Don, Mary. (GSN)
3. Episode 3; Jun.: Mollie, Philip, Cheryl; Sen.: Lea, Albert, Lucy. (GSN)
4. Episode 4; Jun.: Sandi, Garrett, Danna; Sen.: Lea, Albert, Lucy. (GSN)
5. Episode 5; Jun.: Sandi, Garrett, Danna; Sen.: Warry, Don, Susan. (GSN)
7. Friday episode of the Celebrity Week - 1984 (OC)
8. The finale episode; - 1985 (OC, cuts out during the end long credit roll)
What's My Line? - John Daly
1967 Finale; Martin Gabel, Arlene Francis, Steve Allen, And Bennett Cerf (GSN)
Wheel Of Fortune - Chuck Woolery
1. 1976; Gerry vs. Linda vs. Lee; From GSN's Merv Griffin Tribute (GSN)